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>Today in fitness

>Well I was active today, I ran for 2 miles on the track this morning and did yoga, then this afternoon I did a aerobics and strength training class. Yeah the second one was outside of my comfort zone I doubt I would go if I had known I was the only guy in the class. Good thing I was sweating there were moments during umping jacks and I looked over the class in the mirror and shed a few tears of happiness.

"I've finally made it"

Side note on the running I am getting a sharp spasming pain in my right calf and shin, like my leg is locking the muscle and I have to stop and stretch it out. I can only make it a mile before this happens. I'm leaving the treadmill for the track I know I'll take a hit in distance but the training is better I think.

Edit: After reading this seems the most likely problem. So it just mens I'm pushing it too hard and need to adapt my plan or stick to the parts that say cross train and not run another 4 miles.