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>New beginnings, new obstacles

>I am shifting, one month with out really smoking. I've had 1 and 1/4 in the last months that is pretty close to quite right? I really want one right now and it's killing me.

I have some new goals let me list them for you.

  • Half Marathon - I don't know if I can but I have begun training for one and I'll be posting my progress here. This includes general fitness I just signed up for a fit pass, so what if part of the reason I'm going is to meet women.
  • Sketch a day - I can do it easily it's more the matter of posting my work I will post pages on here though.
  • Organize - I need this, my shit is shit and my schedule is too busy not to get this under control.

The tightness in chest is killing me. I need to work on calc and go to a meeting. This RA job could kill me or at least try to kill my soul. I don't understand why there has to be a cookie cutter approach to handling people. We are loosing touch with how to talk and listen to people and worse of all we are being told that talking and listening to what they want is not how to find out what they want.

On the romantic front, there is nothing. There is never a shortage of girls batting their lashes or using one of their numerous flirting tactics. I need to stop analyzing.