Dan Rezaie
Designer | Maker

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Hi I’m Dan


I’m a freelance designer in Kansas City. The majority of my work have been in identity, layout and illustrative fields but I have a working knowledge of html, css, java, flash and php. I’ve also completed graduate level course work in interaction design and I am using that knowledge to explore app UI/UX.

Adventure welcome

I am always looking for a new challenge and be it in life or in design. I have acquired my AA and BA in graphic design, studying both in the U.S.A. and Germany. I have completed design work on both continents(Europe and North America) and in multiple countries. If you are looking for someone with a well rounded set of experience in and outside of design I think you would be hard pressed to find better.  My current free time is being spent working on my web development and design abilities as well as hand lettering and type design.



I love cycling, cooking, travel and making things. I'f I'm not working on a project, I'll be doing one of those things.

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