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I've done a lot of moving about, to see how many views I could get of the world. I don't plan on stopping either. Through my experiences I've learned so much. And through all of those adventures I keep creating, some days its lettering, others is icons and then at times there are also some product designs in there as well.

I do not want the limitations of what tools I don't have keep me from creating a successful design.</span>


I begin my work on paper with a mechanical pencil I've owned for 12 years. Depending on what the project is I'm working on I move to ink or digital. This workflow has done well for me, it keeps me agile and able to cope with tight deadlines. I'm not cluttered by the need for a massive toolkit, in fact my tool kit, lunch and a bottle of water fit neatly in a bag with room to spare.

Needing fewer tools means fewer excuses for why a project isn't done on time, and it is why I have never had a deadline slip.